Medjid Begalin

Soviet and Kazakh film director, screenwriter, actor. Born on February 22, 1922 in Alma-Ata. He graduated from the directorial Faculty of Vgika (1948, Master. S. A. Gerasimov, T. F. Makarova). Since 1950, the director of the film studio "Kazakhfilm". In 1974, Behalin took the film "Steppe Rolls". In it played his wife Lyudmila (Olesya) Ivanov, and one of the main roles was performed by their son Nartai. However, the film never entered the screens. He was "put on the shelf" for the "misuse of the history of the civil war in Kazakhstan." There is a version that persecution to the picture led to the death of Magita Behalina. The film was shown only in 2002 on Kazakhstani television in the days when the 80th anniversary of the birthday of the film was celebrated. Awarded the Silver Medal named after A. P. Dovzhenko (1972, "For works on a heroic-patriotic topic"). Honored Art Worker of the Kazakh SSR (1977).


"Traces go beyond the horizon"

Duration: 79 min

Years: 1964

The girl Zhaukhaz leaves her father's house - this is what custom dictates, this is what her stepmother wants. Zhaukhaz does not love her future husband, but she does not dare to break the old custom. Zhaukhaz, together with her husband and his parents, lives in a distant high-mountain range. This whole family grazes the flock of collective farm sheep. The everyday life of the shepherd's family is harsh, the work is habitually monotonous: it is necessary to clean the shelters, feed the sheep, and if the day is sunny and quiet, take them out to graze. The winter quarters are surrounded by silence. Sometimes it seems scary. On one of these days, falling in love with a young machine operator from the neighboring Tanabai brigade, Zhaukhaz realized how spacious life is, how fragile the fetters of old customs that linked her with an unloved person ...