Kamara Kamalova

Born in 1938, in Bukhara. Soviet and Uzbek film director and screenwriter. In 1962 he graduated from the directorial branch of Vgika (Lion Kuleshov's workshop). Began your way to cinema as an animator. He graduated from the directorial branch of the Faculty of Faculty of Vgika (1962, the workshop of Roshal). He worked as director of the editorial office of the literary and dramatic broadcasting of the Tashkent Television Studio. Since 1965, Kamara is a director of the K / ST "Uzbekfilm". Put more than 10 animated doll films: "An extraordinary adventure" (1966), "Rahim and Zhuk" (1967), "Who did a cloud" (1967), "Sunny beam" (1971), "Cyclik Used" (1974) other. The director of the documentary "Pages of Friendship". Kamara is a deserved artist of the Arts of the Uzbek SSR (1983), as well as the winner of the Leninsky Komsomol Prize for films "Gorky Berry", "Alien Happiness", "Let's leave tomorrow?"


"Everything was covered with snow"

Duration: 72 min

Years: 1997

A young huntsman Kamil comes to a distant backwater from Tashkent. He is settled in the place of his predecessor, in the house of Asal, a young strange girl who is painfully experiencing the premature death of her mother. The loneliness of the heroes will be replaced by a mutual need for sympathy and closeness. But one day, having witnessed the humorous flirtation of his beloved with a laboratory assistant, Asal will leave the reserve and will not respond to the long call of an alarmed Kamil.