Guka Omarova

She was born in Alma-Ata in a family of journalists, her mother worked in Vecherny Almaty, wrote about culture, her father is a famous sports commentator Dias Omarov. Grandfather was a high-ranking official of the Kazakh SSR - the Minister of Culture. Grandmother was the director of the All-Union Sports Complex "Medeu". In 1984, when she was 14 years old, she starred in the film Sweet Juice Inside the Grass, written and directed by Sergei Bodrov. After graduating from school at the Union of Cinematographers in Moscow, she met with Sergei Gerasimov, but that year he was recruiting a group exclusively for children from Azerbaijan. He advised her to enter the next year. In the same year, Sergei Bodrov, through the State Film Agency, with difficulty knocked out a place for her. It was watched by Batalov's apprentice, Batalov himself left for Baku. The apprentice was pleased with her and said that next year she would be accepted without exams, but she went back to Alma-Ata and entered the correspondence course in Journalism. After graduating from the Faculty of Journalism, she began working on television. Was an administrator, courier, auxiliary worker. Then she worked as an advertiser for Philip Morris Kazakhstan. Since the early 2000s, he lives with his son and friend in the Netherlands, the city of Rotterdam. Thanks to Sergei Bodrov, the film Shiza was released in 2004, where Omarova presented her directorial debut, which was co-authored and co-produced by Bodrov. In 2004 she was awarded the Alice Award for the film "Shiza" in the category "Best Female Director" at the Copenhagen International Film Festival



Duration: 82 min

Years: 2008

Right in the middle of the steppe and just a few meters from a not too busy highway lives the bucks Aidai - a healer, a clairvoyant and, in general, a person out of this world. She helps to find stolen cattle, missing husbands, forcibly treats alcoholism and even uses occupational therapy methods. But the land where Aydai lives and the people whom she helped and who are ready to do anything for her, attracted the businessman's criminal roots. Why he suddenly needed this deserted piece of land is completely incomprehensible - the rich have their own quirks. This site belongs to another equally tough businessman Batyr. He would have sold, but once Aidai cured his wife of infertility, and Batyr had a long-awaited son. And bucks categorically refuses to leave the land of their ancestors, as only here she can heal. Batyr, in turn, cannot drive out the woman to whom he owes a lot, and he has to come into conflict with the buyer ...