Ali Hamrayev

Born May 19, 1937, Tashkent, USSR (Uzbekistan) - Soviet director, screenwriter, actor and producer.In 1961 Khamraev graduated from VGIK, in the same year he shot his first film. In 1970 he became a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Many of the director's films were dedicated to the era of the Civil War. Hamraev was in Afghanistan several times, in 1998 he made a documentary about General Abdul-Rashid Dostum, one of the leaders of the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance, using his own money. In 1998, after lengthy lawsuits with Italian producers, Khamraev's new feature film Bo Ba Bu was released, which received the Golden Arrow - the main prize at the Faces of Love festival.



Duration: 74 min

Years: 1979

A film-recollection of an old teacher about the life of an Uzbek village in the first post-war years, about the changes that took place in everyday life and in the position of women. The heroines of the film are the organizer and head of the Halima sewing factory and an employee of the Sanobar district executive committee.