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In a sculpture, unlike in a painting, the artist creates his hero or object in volume. The sculpture can be walked around and viewed from all sides. When creating a sculpture, it is important for the artist to decide how large it will be and what it will be made of.

Depending on the material, the sculpture is created using completely different technologies like making it from tree or stone, marble, metal or gypsum, from soft materials, like plasticine, from modern polymeric materials or paper - glue and so on. The sculpture can depict different objects or creatures which can be real or fictional, life-size, reduced or, conversely, enlarged, depending on what idea the artist wants to convey and what properties of the object to draw attention to. Let’s look at some examples.

Klas Oldenburg, Apple Core, 1992


Konstantin Brancusi, La Muse Endormie, 1910

You will need:

  • bubble wrap for packaging
  • wide multi-colored adhesive tape
  • insulating tape of any color
  • white sheet
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • eraser

Let's start!

1. Imagine a sculpture and sketch it on paper

2. Decide on the size

3. Roll up / crush the base from the bubble wrap, dressing it in different places with tape, and give the desired shape

4. Then completely wrap the entire base with layers of color wide adhesive tape. You can make the work monochrome, or you can multicolor it

5. Separate complex parts can be attached to each other using tape