Collage and Frottage

Collage and Frottage

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We will create an image using materials with different textures, we call this technique “collage”. And copying different textures using technology is frottage.

Above, you can see the work of Max Ernst, this image can be considered as an example of images of fictional creatures obtained by mixing print elements from surfaces of different textures (for example, a piece of wood, a coin surface or a metal mesh).

What is texture, collage and frottage?

The texture is the nature of the surface of an object, it can be felt to the touch.

Collage is a prefabricated technique; thanks to which you can create images from pieces of various textures.

Frottage is a technique for transmitting the texture (i.e., not a flat surface) of an object using copying.

We will need:

•      Thick sheet of A4 paper

•      Simple pencil

•      Color pencils

•      Colored paper

•      Solid objects with different textures: pieces of wood with exposed fibers, metal mesh, coins, grater, comb or plastic leaves

•      Scissors

•      Glue stick

•      Old newspapers or magazines

•      Pieces of fabric and leather


Let's get started!

1.     Think about a picture that you would like to create using textures. And draw it on thick white paper.

2.     Lay a colored sheet of paper on top of the rough surface, and start painting with a simple pencil over a specific part using the frottage technique so that the texture begins to appear on the paper.

3.     Do the same job on other surfaces

4.     Having collected several sheets with drawings of different surfaces, begin to cut out certain shapes from them that are relevant to your drawing.

1.     Then, with glue, start sticking your cut shapes onto the sheet. You will need to paste your cut figures using the scheme “collage”

2.     Using colored pencils, you can finish the details of your drawing.


We learned that you can create pictures not only with paints and pencils but also with the help of uneven surfaces.