Wire Interior

Wire Interior

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Today we will try to show the world around us with the help of contour lines. The artist Anya  Zholud uses only the contours of objects in her installations, the outlines of their forms. Installation is a form of art in which the main role is played by space and objects collected by the artist. The viewer can not only “look” at the installation as a picture, but even “get inside of it”, go inside the space created by the artist.

Anya Zholud, Scheme of Space non-elementary happiness, 2007


We will need:

•        soft wire

•        a pencil

•        a sheet of paper A4

•        scissors

•        a wire cutter

Let's get started!

1. Watch the wire carefully so as not to injure yourself. Do not unwind the wire very much, unwind it a little bit. You can’t cut the wire with scissors - ask an adult to cut off the excess wire with a special tool if you need it.

2. Imagine your room or other space that you like or that you know well. Draw only contours on paper - the outer edges of the shape of the objects that are in this room.

3. Take the wire and begin to bend the wire according to the drawing, you can lean the wire exactly to the drawing. Create furniture items from wire, as if you draw them with one line. Ask adults to cut off the excess wire. Throw out the excess pieces of the wire IMMEDIATELY into the bin.

4. Now try to put different pieces of furniture together. What kind of a room did you get? Will the furniture be changed if you decide to create a kitchen / bath / bedroom?